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Adam Gottlieb & OneLove are a Chicago-based Fusion band serving songs for the revolution. They are ordinary working people fighting for survival, peace, and justice with upbeat music that blends Reggae, Blues, Folk, Rock, Funk, Hip Hop, Latin, Ska, and more. The group brings together members from a wide range of backgrounds united in the cause of making music for the movement. By combining sharp and timely original material with intentional adaptations and cover songs that root the band in a long history of struggle, OneLove helps us to bring into focus a vision of a world of universal justice. The eclectic yet cohesive musical repertoire offers something for everyone in the band’s effort to unite people around the movement for that new world.


Their first full album “All of You” was nominated for the Best Local Album of 2020 in the Chicago Reader. The band has played at South by Southwest Music Festival at the AEMMP Records Hip Hop showcase, “A Little Taste of the Chi.” In its first year (2015) the group won first prize at the Pride North talent contest, and since then has played classic Chicago stages such as Schubas, Subterranean, Beat Kitchen, Martyrs, etc; as well as local music festivals such as Glenwood Arts and Southport Arts; and hosted a monthly residency at the legendary Heartland Cafe in Rogers Park during the venue’s last year of operation in 2018. They have opened for notable artists such as Mike Love, Dustin Thomas, and Tasha.


The band’s latest releases have been reggae singles "When the People Ride" (2023) and “Roll it Up: The First Joint After the Revolution” (2022).

You can find OneLove's music on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, etc.  Follow the band on Facebook and here on our official website:

You can also support Adam Gottlieb & OneLove on patreon! 

Thanks for listening, supporting, reading and singing along, and doing your part to keep the movement moving!

*One Love*

(See our EPK for more information!) 

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Aimee headshot.png
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Adam Gottlieb

Patrick Baranovskis

Aimee Bass

Tim Williams

Adam Gottlieb (lead vocals, guitar) has led the project since it began in 2014. He has performed and worked across the Chicago area, the U.S., and even internationally as a poet, emcee, songwriter, and teaching-artist. He is also a community organizer, Curriculum Director for Teen Writers and Artists Project, and writer for the People's Tribune.

Patrick Baranovskis (bass), comrade and friend of Adam's and dedicated supporter/fan of OneLove since the beginning (when he was still in high school), joined the project as bassist and backup vocalist in January 2019. He plays in another local band, the indie/pop project Cider Provider. He is an Environmental Science major at Loyola University with a focus in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems, and also writes for the People's Tribune.

Aimee Bass (percussion), also a long-time supporter and fan of the project, joined OneLove as a multi-percussionist and backup vocalist in 2019. She plays in many projects throughout the city and beyond, including the local Street Glam/Punk Marching Band, Clamor and Lace Noise Brigade.

Tim Williams (drums) has been the teacher of reggae and blues roots in the band since he joined in May 2019. An established musician and producer in his own right, he runs Urban Sound Studios in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago (his hometown), and also leads an Afro-Carribean-Reggae-Funk band, "Urban Rhythm."

OL core 4
wide audience shot
First show w Patrick on bass and Aimee o
Patrick 3.19.19
Adam 3.19.19
Aimee 3.19.19
Peace! 1
Big Cicada Background
_Chi Xmas_ Single Artwork (by Andy Willi


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